Facebook Marketing for Dummies – Part 2

Welcome back! Let’s get stuck straight into part 2. Have you been taking full advantage of the holy grail of marketing opportunities? If so, are you 100% sure you’re doing [...]

Facebook Marketing for Dummies – Part 1

Pop quiz! What marketing avenue do you have at your disposal that offers 1.59 billion highly targetable consumers, over a billion of which check in daily, and spend almost a [...]

7 reasons why you need local SEO (seriously)

There are countless small business owners I have spoken to who have no idea why their website won't shop up at the top of the Google search results. Trying to explain all [...]

Using YouTube for SEO

By using YouTube as a marketing platform, you have the ability to make your brand name visible to billions of users worldwide. Video is a dynamic media, with the potential [...]

Mobile traffic and local clients

So how does growth in mobile traffic affect gaining local clients?   In this day and age when more and more people are buying smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it’s [...]

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