PPC – Online Advertising’s Wonder Child

PPC (pay-per-click), is an online marketing concept every advertiser ought to know if they want to remain competitive in the cut-throat game of online advertising. Essententially, PPC enables advertisers to [...]

Social Media Made Easy

"Tis my first twit-er. Or tweet? Twit?" – @TheEllenShow If you don’t happen to be in the comedy business and this is how your business’ social media looks, then you [...]

Link Building – Learn the Facts

Ever since the Internet was created, the popularity of the online environment has constantly grown and cyber space has evolved in more ways than one. Whether a company, a small [...]

Content Creation Tips

Nowadays everyone’s talking about content. Whether it’s for one of the social networks or for a webpage, blog or online project, the so called “content” has become as precious as [...]

Becoming Aware of your Brand

Two simple words make all the difference between customers choosing a $10 item over your very own $5 product – Brand Awareness. It’s what keeps us reaching for the Coke [...]

Solving the Mystery that is Local SEO

Anybody who owns a business focused on local clientele is sure to come across this term at some point in their company’s lifetime. But, what exactly is local SEO, and [...]

SEO ranking factors 2014

The new SEO ranking factors for 2014 have been published. As we all know, SEO changes all the time, I am sure you will find this graph interesting. Check it out [...]

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