So how does growth in mobile traffic affect gaining local clients?


In this day and age when more and more people are buying smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it’s no surprise to note that mobile internet usage is also dramatically increasing. Some reports claim that mobile traffic has now come to make up 37% of website visits, and that 33% of all internet usage is done from smart phones. In fact, it is predicted that it will soon be the trend that more people will be using their mobile devices for browsing the internet than PCs and laptops.


The trend in making Wi-Fi available for free to the public shows how some businesses are taking advantage of this, as well as making internet browsing available at a huge selection of locations. Interestingly enough, the usage in mobile internet browsing in individuals aged 35- 54 is becoming increasingly strong. We can only expect this trend to continue as the current technology-savvy generation continues to age. Now is the prime time to take advantage of this shift, and to provide the business information and applications that customers are demanding more of.


There are many advantages for a customer to browse the internet via their mobile device. To begin with, it allows for an instant comparison between prices in a physical store and their internet counterparts. It also allows for greater, more instant communication between customers and the places which offer the services and products that they seek. This means that they can leave immediate feedback on these products and service, which in turn means that the service or product provider must be quick about taking action to correct any problems that may arise.


Since the internet is so widely spread, in order to be successful at the local level you have to embrace the mobile trend. First of all, you must ensure that your sites are compatible with mobile devices. Nothing will turn a customer away quicker than if they can’t navigate your website on their mobile device when they can navigate your competitor’s website.


You can still use SEO keywords to garner traffic targeted to your product, and communication through your web content will be more important than ever. Create an engaging website that is easy to use on mobile devices. Try to limit forms that need to be filled out as data entry is not the easiest thing to do on mobile devices.


Mobile traffic has introduced a new and exciting dimension for advertising. Now a customer can find out your exact location in a matter of seconds, and knowing the location of the individual browsing the internet allows for companies to tailor their location-based services to them. It is therefore very important that your location is easy to find. Advertising on mobile devices tend to be more expensive than laptops or PCs, but the exposure your advertisement has to potential customers is increased as well.


Since the internet allows customers to browse all over the world, it is important to be visible as a local provider of your service or product. The time to invest in mobile advertising is now.