“Tis my first twit-er. Or tweet? Twit?” – @TheEllenShow

If you don’t happen to be in the comedy business and this is how your business’ social media looks, then you might want to continue reading.

Building a social media following has become one of the most popular marketing strategies of this century. With potential access to millions of users, creating brand awareness has never been easier. Or, so one would think. There are, however, a few tricks to this craze your business will have to master before it can start trending.


  • The Secret to the Share

In order to create a following, you need to have something people can follow. Determining what that something is, is not always a task easily achieved. Choosing the right social media platforms is a good place to start. Only set up accounts on the sites which best suit your business and its customers. Setting up accounts on every social media platform can be a waste of your company’s time and resources. The next step is to decide on what to share. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that every social media update is either entertaining, informative and/or inspiring. People want to feel like they will be of the first to know about promotions, special offers, sales, events and other things of this nature. Keep in mind the tone of these updates. Social media offers customers a sneak peek into the human side of the cold-hearted corporate world. Don’t lose this advantage by making your posts too commercial.


  • Triggering the Trend

In order to gain a strong following, you need to keep two words in mind: frequency and response.

Frequency refers to how often you share. This number should be as high as possible, stopping just before you reach the point where people’s newsfeeds are filled only by your posts. You want to remain noticeable amidst those who post on an hourly basis.
Response refers to how you deal with comments or requests left on your social media sites. These need to be handled with care. Try to respond to criticisms as well as to praise. The more you interact with your followers, the more likeable and trustworthy your business becomes.
Another thing to keep in mind is that social media does not take weekends off. Ignoring your business’ social media for 48hours means losing out on potential customers and could even mean losing your current customers by seeming to ignore their complaints.


  • The Business behind the Social

Although social media is something we all do in our spare time, setting up your business’ social media is a whole other ballgame. If you are serious about gaining customers through your social media, then you need to employ someone to run it for you. This can either take the form of an in-house team, or an independent agency. Both offer their own unique benefits, but ultimately, your company’s budget is what will decide on which is better suited for you.