Why Be On Social Media?

Social Media is an over growing platform that allows you to represent all aspects of your business in real time.

Business Pages

Platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn enable you to create business pages. A Facebook page is a very common occurrence throughout most active businesses. A social business page is a great way to showcase the day to day activities and achievements of your company, which in turn will increase brand awareness on yet another digital platform.

Website Traffic

Social Media can be an absolute killer source of website traffic when leveraged correctly. People aren’t likely to visit your website every day, but they are likely to check their Facebook or Twitter accounts daily. So being in a position to get in front of these people with engaging content will greatly help your business.

Visual Content Reach

Visual content can be syndicated successfully across the majority of social media platforms. Websites like YouTube and Pinterest have given rise to businesses investing in visual mediums to advertise themselves. Things such as memes and vines have become increasingly popular methods of gaining “viral” traffic from the social web.

Complete management of your social presence

Paid, organic and community management

Social Media is gaining ever increasing traction across the web and thus becoming an increasingly relevant medium to have a business presence on. Not only is Social Media great for showcasing your business in both visual and text forms, but it is now carrying a heaver weight in SEO factors.

Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of any business operation and as such, we focus on creating a memorable and effective social presence for your brand.

Community Management 97%
Paid Social Management 95%
Creation of social assets 89%
User engagement 100%
Website traffic 95%