WordPress isn’t just for blogs anymore. It makes an exceptional platform to build your website on. Not only is it easy to use, but you can build your website for free, one of the many benefits of using WordPress as your website platform. Should you choose to upgrade to a custom domain name, it remains budget friendly and affordable. Since WordPress is browser-based, it’s not necessary to update your website from the same computer every single time; you can edit your site from whatever computer you happen to be on.

Many Themes to Choose From

The many themes and designs to choose from make it a versatile option and highly customizable. WordPress has a great CMS (content management system), meaning that it is easy for you to create, store, and publish new content for your website. Adding new content or managing old is quick and uncomplicated, giving you more time to create content.

Many Tools

There are many tools available to help you create a professional look with your WordPress website. Since the basis of WordPress is to offer exposure for the websites built on their platform, it offers tools to boost exposure and increase traffic to your website. Some of these tools include staggering the content being posted; you can choose a schedule to post new content to your website, so that it keeps growing and doesn’t become stale if there are days when you don’t have anything to add.

Offers Rich Site Summary

WordPress also offers rich site summary (RSS, also known as really simple syndication) feeds to help keep your audience abreast with the updates and new content that you post. Forums and comments sections are important tools that allow you to interact with your audience. WordPress also employs search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to allow your website to appear on search engines like Google.

The Mobile Option

One very important tool that WordPress offers is a mobile option. Since mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular to do internet searches on, having a mobile option will increase your audience.

Easy to Install and Offers a Variety of Plugins

Not only is WordPress itself easy to install and use, but it also offers a variety of plugins, which are add-ons that organize and run internet content. Installing these plugins is a simple process, and many of these allow for greater growth of your site, including extending what functions you can offer to your audience. For instance, Ecommerce plugins allow customers to buy directly from you, contact form plugins let your audience speak directly to you, and security plugins give you better protection.

It is more important than ever to have a strong presence in social media. Many people think that WordPress is primarily for blogs. While this isn’t true, the blog option in WordPress is a great tool to integrate social media into your marketing strategy.

The blog option allows you to provide information about your product, as well as creating the human touch that customers are becoming increasingly interested in. The best thing is that your blog doesn’t have to look like the traditional blog format, but you can customize it into looking like a website. There are other options to connect to social media as well.