By using YouTube as a marketing platform, you have the ability to make your brand name visible to billions of users worldwide. Video is a dynamic media, with the potential to reach a wide variety of individuals that other forms of media marketing can’t.

To be successful in marketing your products via YouTube, you must make the connection between your videos and your website apparent. Provide links to your website in your posted videos, your YouTube profile, and your video descriptions. It is also acceptable to promote your website in the videos themselves, a friendly “check out my website for more information” would not be amiss in most situations.

Be careful, however, to connect with social media trends and your followers. Don’t just sell your product, you must engage your audience on multiple levels. YouTube isn’t a platform for commercials but entertainment and education.

After you have linked your YouTube platform with your website, the next step is to accumulate views and followers. To increase the traffic to your videos, keywords (or tags) are very important. You must be specific with your tags so viewers can find them easily. Check search engines such as Google or Yahoo for video keywords. That is, try to use keywords that bring videos up in the search results.

Use common variations of your keywords to increase viewership, if your video is about strawberry-banana milkshakes, also use keywords such as “strawberry/banana milkshakes,” “banana-strawberry milkshakes” and other similar variants. Try to stay between 10-15 keyword phrases, however, otherwise it may hurt your keyword rank.

One way to help ensure your video keywords are properly ranked is to write long video descriptions. Try to keep it around 200 words to help keep the ranking system straightforward.

The most important part of getting viewers for your YouTube video is the content itself. Make sure that you have a specific targeted audience. Be creative, informative and entertaining. Commercials only go so far to garner attention. You want to create something that will maintain interest. People like to be entertained and educated at the same time. Post videos regularly and make playlists. These will continue from one video to the next, increasing the changes that your viewers will subscribe to your channel.

Use a good quality of camera, but remember that something too polished comes off as commercial. Don’t be afraid to show your flaws. The “homemade” quality of such videos will make them more likely to go viral, which will increase the visibility of your product and brand. Keep the finished video edited under two minutes. Short and snappy is the best way to go.

Once you get views, you need followers. Having entertaining videos of good quality will encourage viewers to subscribe, but you can also promote your viewers to follow you in the video itself. Many YouTube videos will ask viewers to subscribe to their channel at the end of their videos. Be liberal with sharing your video links as well. Be involved in social media.